Chef Alex Oradei's Mediterranean heritage is showcased in the 'nouveau' style menu that highlights fresh local produce in its simplicity combined with distinct flavors and ingredients.  Commitment to the genuine and approachable service extends the fun Mediterranean life-style and offerings through the late night lounge programming with music and a variety of occasions celebrated private events.
For tables larger than 6 please email to make arrangements



CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE                                             21
artisanal meat and cheese sampler
MEZZE DIP                                                                11
hummus, tzatziki, tarama, pita
PANE DI CASA                                                             5
grilled rustico bread, whipped honey butter
FRIED HALLOUMI CHEESE                                            11
harissa aioli, spicy honey, lemon
CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                                                    10
herb marinade, ajillo aioli
BEEF SOUVLAKI                                                          14
chili oil, lemon, parsley
OCTOPUS GALLEGA                                                     16
grilled octopus, potato medallions, paprika
CALAMARI                                                                 14
peperoncini, lemon, garlic aioli
P.E.I  MEJILLONES                                                      18
mussels, saffron garlic wine broth
CRAZY SHRIMP FETA                                                   14
gulf shrimp, spicy chili peppers, ouzo, feta
KEFTES TWO WAYS                                                     15
meatballs, san marzano marinara, tzatziki


alaskan king crab, maine lobster tail, cocktail shrimp, oysters of the day
langostino, harissa cocktail sauce, horseradish, mignonette

PETITE                                                                       99
serves 2 - 3

GRAND                                                                     189
serves 4 - 6

OYSTERS                              1/2 dozen 22          dozen 38
harissa cocktail sauce, mignonette, horseradish

COCKTAIL MARTINI                                                      21
gulf shrimp, cocktail sauce


BACON DATES                                                       5 EACH
almond goat cheese, balsamic glaze
PHYLLO CRAB CAKES                                             9 EACH
harissa aioli
SPANAKOPITA                                                       5 EACH
phyllo, spinach feta filling
FIG & BRIE CUP                                                    5 EACH
creamy brie cheese, sweet port reduction
ZEBBIE'S ROLL                                                   16 EACH
poached lobster, challah roll
LAMB SLIDER                                                       8 EACH
pulled lamb shoulder, honey yogurt


GREEK SALAD                                                          12
tomato, cucumber, feta, peperoncini, olive
FIG & SPINACH                                                        13
blue cheese, almonds, balsamic
CAESAR SALAD                                                         11
aged parmigiano, rustic croutons


PORCO A MILANESA                                                 27
breaded pork chop, arugula, cherry tomato
SMOKED LAMB CHOPS                                             39
lemon rosemary potatoes, tzatziki
FIRESHANK                                                             54
braised lamb, tomato orzo
RIBEYE TAGLIATA                                                     89
22oz. bone-in ribeye, potato puree
MEDI MIXED GRILL                                                  85
tiger prawn, lamb chop, chicken, petite filet

PERI PERI CHICKEN                                                 25
organic chicken quarters, house fries, red chili
MOROCCAN SALMON                                               32
ora king salmon, couscous, broccolini
AEGEAN BRANZINO                                                  36
lemon rosemary potatoes, parsley
LANGOSTINO                                                           32
tomato fondue, black rice, cream of saffron
STEAK FRITES                                                         37
6oz. filet mignon, house fries, au poivre


WAGYU BOLOGNESE                                                 28
ground wagyu, san marzano marinara
TRUFFLE TAGLIATELLE                                              34
seasonal truffle, aged parmigiano
FRUTTI DI MARE                                                     32
seafood pasta, shrimp, mussels, lobster
PAPPARDELLE D'AGNELLO                                       26
pulled lamb, tomato fondue, aged parmigiano


POTATO PUREE                                                     9
idaho potato, butter
BROCCOLINI                                                       10
garlic, chili flakes

BLACK RICE                                                         9
cuttlefish ink, jasmine rice, parsley
TRUFFLE FRIES                                                    17
seasonal truffle, aged parmigiano


NUTELLA BOMBS                                                 10
three nutella pastries, chantilly cream
MAYFLOWER FLAMBE                                           19
dark chocolate mousse, creamy gran marnier

CREME BRULEE                                                   12
mixed berries
GALAKTOBOUREKO                                               11
phyllo custard pie, sweet syrup


SIMPATICO                                                                                   15
mastiha, luxardo liqueur, sugar cube, angostura bitters
sparkling wine
BEES KNEES                                                                                 16
malfy gin, lemon juice, honey-lavender syrup, mead
WARD 2                                                                                       16
law's rye whiskey, lemon juice, orange-mint simple, grenadine
SECOND WIND                                                                              16
malfy gin, cointreau, lemon juice, saffron simple syrup
OAXACAN NEGRONI                                                                       16
mezcal, blanco tequila, campari, sweet vermouth
FRENCH RIVIERA.                                                                         16
cognac, aged rum, apricot liqueur, honey, angostura bitters
lemon juice
THE MAYFLOWER SPRITZ                                                              16
empress 1908 butterfly peaflower gin, st.germain elderflower liqueur
cucumber toasted coconut simple, q spiced tonic, sparkling wine
OUZO FIZZ                                                                                  17
ouzo, plum simple, heavy cream, citrus, orange, blossom water
egg whites, club soda
WAKE ME UP EARLY                                                                     17
vodka, espresso, cinnamon-vanilla syrup, mr black coffee liqueur
galliano, orange bitters


PINOT GRIGIO, Tiefenbrunner                                                     11/44
Alto Adige, Italy. Bracingly crisp, balanced acidity
SAUVIGNON BLANC,Yealands                                                      10/40
Marlborough, New Zealand. Citrus, tropical fruits. Light and easy
ASSYRTIKO, Papagiannnakos                                                      15/60
Markopoulo, Greece. Beautiful citrus notes with refreshing acidity
WHITE BLEND, Luigi Baudana Langhe Dragon                                13/52
Piedmont, Italy. Medium bodied. Pear, apple, peach. Smooth dry finish
VERMENTINO, Limazzani                                                                 52
Sardegna, Italy. 100% Vermentino. Fruity mineral notes
ASSYRTIKO, Gavalas Santorini                                                          75
Santorini, Greece. 'The Blue Bottle' dry balanced oceanic mineral notes
SAUVIGNON BLANC, Cherrier Freres Sancerre                                    64
Sancerre, France. Crisp, dry, intense citrus fruit
CHARDONNAY, Bourgogne Cote d'Or                                                88
Burgundy, France. Elegant floral aroma, clean smooth finish


PINOT NOIR, Smith & Perry                                                           12/48
Oregon, USA. Light, dry, smoky, bright red fruits.
RIOJA, Carlos Serres Crianza                                                         11/44
Rioja, Spain. 100% Tempranillo. Structured, fresh and fruity
CINSAULT, Massaaya, Le Colombier                                                13/52
Bekaa, Lebanon. Dark fruit, spiced palate, clean and smooth finish.
CABERNET, Louis M. Martini                                                          10/40
California, USA. Bold, dry, medium bodied.
BEAUJOLAIS, Pierre Bleue Cote de Brouilly                                            63
Beaujolais, France. 2016. 100% Gamay. Light and perfumed
LANGUEDOC, Les Petits Pas                                                                55
Languedoc, France. 2019. Grenache, syrah, earthy, red fruits
PINOT NOIR, EnRoute Les Pommiers                                                     78
Russian River Valley, USA. 2019. Rich layers of dark cherry, plum
BORDEAUX, Chateau Les Arromans Prestige                                          64
Bordeaux, France. 2018. Moderate tannins and lots of red fruit
BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, Pian Delle Vigne                                      138
Montalcino, Italy. 2015. 100% Sangiovese. Well structured, fresh and fruity
TUSCAN, Tenuta San Guido Le Difese                                                    75
Tuscany, Italy. 2019. Cabernet Sav. Balanced red fruits, elegant structure
CORVINA, Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre                                                 46
Veneto, Italy. 2018. Velvety texture, dry and tart
CABERNET BLEND, Trefethen Eschol                                                     77
Napa Valley, USA. 2019. Cabernet Sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir, full bodied
CABERNET, Austin Hope Paso Robles                                                    87
Paso Robles, USA. 2020. Bold, dark fruits. Complex structure, long finish.
TEMPRANILLO BLEND, Casa de Santar Dao Reserva                                64
Dao, Portugal. 2014. Full bodied, powerful, earthy, vanilla, chocolate
AGIORITIKO, Aivalis Nemea                                                                 59
Crete, Greece. 2019. Intense red fruit, oak, medium finish
BAROLO, G.D Vajra Albe                                                                    108
Piedmont, Italy. 2017. 100% Nebbiolo. Big tannins, rich and aromatic
SYRAH BLEND, Volte Face Reserva                                                       56
Alentejano, Portugal. 2019. Bold floral notes of violet, dark chocolate
SYRAH, Nostos Alexandra's                                                                 72
Crete, Greece. 2017. Strong Oak, mushroom, and vanilla


BLANC DE BLANCS, Francois Montand Brut                                    10/40
Jura, France. 100% chardonnay. Citrus, pear, apple notes
CALI BRUT, Mumm Napa Brut Prestige                                           14/48
Napa Valley, USA. Pinot Noir blend. Vivid aroma of black cherry and red berry
BURGUNDY, Bel Aire Luxe                                                                  95
Burgundy, France. 100% Chardonnay. Sweet crisp, and fruity
CHAMPAGNE, Jacquesson 744 Extra Brut                                           190
Champagne, France. Chardonnay pinot blend. Single Vintage. 92 points
CHAMPAGNE, Dom Perignon Brut                                                      390
Champagne, France. 2010 Vintage


LAFAGE, Milaflors Rose                                                                13/50
Languedoc, France. Light, dry, Citrus, strawberry, refreshing finish
CALI BRUT, Mumm Napa Brut                                                       15/52
Napa Valley, USA. Crisp, dry, bright citrus, red apple, stone fruit
CHAMPAGNE, Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial                                  195
Champagne, France. Crisp tart wild strawberry


BUD LIGHT                                                                                       7
STELLA ARTOIS                                                                                 8
DEVIL'S BACKBONE VIENNA LAGER                                                     8
DC BRAU                                                                                         8
MODELO ESPECIAL                                                                            8
MANGO WHITE ALE                                                                            7
PERONI                                                                                            9
MYTHOS LAGER                                                                                 9
SILENT NEIGHBOR STOUT                                                                    9
DC BRAU JOINT RESOLUTION                                                               9
RIGHT PROPER, BELGIAN STYLE WHITE ALE                                           9
ANXO ROSE, DRY CIDER                                                                    10

aperitivo hour

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM


super premium liquor excluded

MEZZE DIP                                           8
hummus, tzatziki, tarama, pita
CHICKEN SOUVLAKI                    8
herb marinade, ajillo aioli
artisanal meat and cheese sampler
CALAMARI                                        11
peperoncini, lemon slices, garlic aioli

P.E.I  MEJILLONES                         13
mussels, saffron garlic wine broth
OYSTERS                                            14
6 oysters, harissa cocktail sauce, mignonette
MEDI BURGER                                  16
brie, arugula, apricot jam, fries